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From personal experience, you should never try anything difficult or complex in the morning, with 'waking up' being the biggest culprit.

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Yuri said:

Poor goat, he obviously just needs some love and attention!

[01/06/07 12:26am]

ESOP said:

Is that a white stain I spot on the floor where the box was?

[01/06/07 3:09am]

not the other harry said:

"ESOP said:
Is that a white stain I spot on the floor where the box was?"

that was well spotted, that's just wrong too much detail

[01/06/07 8:23am]

Bloopy said:

Well spotted indeed, hahaha. I guess she put his hat back on?

[01/06/07 10:55am]

h0b0 said:

is it me, or does the second pannal remind of of the starting cinamatic in HL2? where g-man tells you to wake up.

and... eww nasty white stain.

[01/06/07 2:12pm]

Harry said:

Or the goat did.

That's pretty damn hilarious with the patch of detail there, Ivan :P.

[01/06/07 2:12pm]

Ned said:

wouldnt it have been more russian to have radiated the sex goat doll

[01/06/07 2:48pm]

not the other harry said:

well atleast the play dol won't have any mess so can be reused!

[02/06/07 4:35pm]

CheapShot said:

i wonder wat would happen if he did pull the trigger

[02/06/07 5:30pm]

Joetheeskimo said:

Where did the decoy go, I wonder?

[02/06/07 5:51pm]

CheapShot said:

Got Took It Wi Him For Some More Goaty Lurve ;)

[03/06/07 7:44pm]

Joetheeskimo said:

Was that spelling and capitalization intentional?

[03/06/07 7:57pm]

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