The One That Goat Away Monday 4th 2007f June 2007
The One That Goat Away

I guess you could call him an escape goat, aha.

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boot_error fan said:

Wow, he got away

[04/06/07 12:44am]

Jake48.2 said: Looking like a fake lady goat...Genious..

[04/06/07 1:18am]

EvoL said:

Yay!!! The goat is free!!!

[04/06/07 2:54am]

Joetheeskimo said:

While he is clever and all, did he get his fur black and where did he get a little pink bowtie??

[04/06/07 2:59am]

Boter said:

Black fur from an ashtray; I forget where the bowtie was from. *goes to look*

[04/06/07 5:06am]

The_Pope said:

Whoops, forgot to remove the bow from the decoy, thanks for that Boter ;)

[04/06/07 9:05am]

necroking said:

the male goat must have real small nads to passw for a lady goat when naked.

[04/06/07 12:23pm]

HEAD said:

OMG that was a good goat escape lol
that goat worked with solid snake XD

[04/06/07 12:27pm]

not the other harry said:

seems a tad elaborate

[04/06/07 1:41pm]

CheapShot said:

YAY For Bad Puns :)
Also Dont You See The Goat Dint Work For Solid Snake He Is Solid Snake !!!!

[04/06/07 4:36pm]

not the other harry said:

I've just notcied that the plant put in the receiption is held together with duck tape.. since when? and how

[05/06/07 7:03pm]

The_Pope said:

Since strip 275 ;)

[05/06/07 7:20pm]

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