I have legs? Thursday 19th 2004f August 2004
I have legs?

These really early strips are bollocks, the first storyline kicks in at comic 19.

Oh and welcome to boot_error, we update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a new strip.

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test said:

please delete this in a bit

[21/08/04 3:38pm]

The Pope said:

Ooo, a cross...

[21/08/04 3:40pm]

The Pope said:

Looks boot-iful :D

[21/08/04 7:48pm]

Huh? said:


[05/09/04 3:34am]

Bloopy said:

But if you start reading at 19, you won't find out where they got Panda!

[07/03/10 11:45pm]

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