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And this is the end of boot_error.

I've decided to stop updating for a number of reasons really...the art style of the comic is a little restrictive and since the very first boot_error strip I made on the 6th of June, 2004 (the strips I made at the beginning of the comic's life weren't good, so they weren't included in the archive when the aqua green site launched) my art has improved a fair bit beyond what is essentially a copy and paste comic. Also, the comic doesn't really have any themes which are close to my heart. Don't get me wrong, I love duck-tape and pandas but I can't express 'me' with boot_error. There are currently no plans to release any more volumes.

With that explanation out the way, I'd like to thank the friends that have made the ride a bigger joy than the tiny4k destination. First and foremost, I'd like to give the BIGGEST thanks to Glen 'ReadMe' Mailer who has been the code gorilla for the site since the start. Without him, boot_error would not exist, no word of a lie. He first coded a neat little menu for the website at the beginning, then a simple comic navigation script, then a website, then an uber comic navigation script and so many other things here and there. I promise you amigo, I'll pay you back for all you've done one day.

What is a comic without readers? I sure don't make these strips only to entertain myself (there are better ways to do that) and I'm bloody chuffed so many people enjoy reading boot_error. I appreciate every comment you make (apart from those bloody annoying "first view, first comment" rubbish you guys love to pull), whether it be good or bad, I truly do. The internet is great for that sort of feedback. Thank you, thank you, thank you : D

And now for all the other chaps I'd like to thank in no particular order: Surpass Hosting for the great hosting and ever helpful customer service, Zogger for recommending Surpass but also helping out with early DNS questions, Chris Kirk for converting my design of the current site into a working template and for being a great comicomrade, Bev for being there from the start with his brother-like comic Chooken (which you must check out), Animus for being another one of the first webcomic creator friends I made when I started out, Lulu for being a great print-on-demand service, Patrick Findlay for being the man behind the always awesome Thing, Travis Riddle for being another comicomrade who I always enjoy chatting with, Macromedia (now Adobe) for making such a great program as Fireworks MX, Madsen for being a courteous dude, Eyeskream Webcomic Creators Group for accepting me into their awesome community, Lem for being the best damn British webcomic out there and for being a memorable table-neighbour, Phil for no good reason, Joe for letting me use his computer to upload a strip one time when my internet exploded, Jon Scrivens for being another comicomrade and jointly staying up late as we finish our comic strips we should've started earlier, Chris (and James, even if we don't talk, haha) for being another comicomrade and finally all, or should that be any, of my friends and family that read.

Of course the comic bug doesn't leave the body so easily and I've started another webcomic called Graff. It's a far cry from boot_error, with a more free art style and about graffiti culture, something I'm 'into' in a big way. It won't be for everyone but if you like your graffiti/street art, you should definately check it out.

It's been truly nifty : )

Viewer Comments

:O said:

Noooo, my favorite comic just ended!

[06/06/07 12:03am]

boot_error fan said:

Bye Ed, Bye Brook, Bye Max, Bye Coner, Bye Ink Twins, Bye Panda, Bye Neil, Bye Goat, Bye Nikta, Bye Erica, Bye Mark, Bye SAS force, Bye Officer Jenkins, Bye Rabbit.

[06/06/07 12:29am]

Muffinyumyum said:


[06/06/07 12:53am]

Strode said:

WHAT?!?!? i hope to god this is some sick twisted joke, this cant be the end!!! this is like the best comic out there!

[06/06/07 1:02am]

Jon - Little Terrors! said:

Shame to see it end, but i understand exactly why. Good luck with Graff dude, it already kicks major arse!

[06/06/07 1:10am]

Me said:

This is a dream isn't it?
This sucks, ah well, maybe hopefully one day you'll return to boot_error.

[06/06/07 1:48am]

John said:

I wish you luck with your new project.
Although i would of really like to have seen some "closure" in one form or another, but alas.... this seems to be the way most comics end... sudden and "I'm sick of this damn it!!!" note attached.

[06/06/07 2:02am]

KBF said:

This seems very, very sudden. Very.

[06/06/07 2:48am]

:X said:

At least there's still Graff

[06/06/07 3:01am]

Jay said:


Good luck with the new projects Pope. Its quite cool to see a projects entire lifetime, and It does make sense, you have definently outgrew the boot error art style long ago.

[06/06/07 3:12am]

Chels said:

Yeah that was kind of random. I don't like it, it better be a joke or I am going to go all hulk on you and make you my comic-making slave. Boot_Error is fantastic, nothing else like it, I'll be very disappointed if this is how you choose to end things. :-(

[06/06/07 4:00am]

Invaliderror said:

Maybe some kind of end all comic strip where everything blows up wouldve been better. Something more climatic then, sorry I dont want to do this anymore. Narf.

[06/06/07 4:26am]

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