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Jc said:

First!! the combined styles of B_E and graff awsome ^.^

[23/12/07 4:28pm]

Eagle said:

Awesome! Holiday strips, eh?

[24/12/07 10:56am]

Bloopy said:

Nice nostalgia! Get fat indeed.

[25/12/07 3:57am]

Harry said:

Holy Christwagons! Ivan, you made an update!

[02/01/08 1:45am]

rel said:

Gawd, I miss this comic.

[02/01/08 7:37pm]

Alex said:

I sure do miss this comic alot, it was one of the first sites i would visit when i took a little coffee break. Made my day.

[04/01/08 9:26pm]

Xcout said:

It really made my day, get a tear out of my eye, just see the comic post in my rss feed, been ages with out opening my feed reader.

[18/01/08 3:57am]

Limpe said:

I miss boot_error and Graff...

[23/05/08 9:20am]

h0b0 said:

Stille love you B_e

[09/11/08 10:53pm]

h0b0 said:

Happy christmas pope & B_e vets. :)

[25/12/08 3:53pm]

Dustar said:

I miss B_E ;_;

[26/12/08 7:20am]

Moss said:

BRING BACK B_E :''''(((


[07/02/09 10:41pm]

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