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D? said:

C'mon pope, what are you going to do now?

[27/04/09 10:08am]

genericname1 said:

Still no new boot_error :(

wonder how many years before i stop checking

[31/05/09 2:11pm]

D? said:

14th of July, 2009 reporting in.

[14/07/09 12:56pm]

The_Pope said:

You are the hardcore.

[15/07/09 3:16pm]

genericname1 said:

Go then mr pope, sir.

What've you been up to recently? it's been 19 months and i still check this occasionally.

[24/07/09 9:00pm]

h0b0 said:

Well, at least the comic is still hosted for all it's glory to be shared :)

Miss not having B_e in my web comic check rotation, the last two years have been missing something!

[30/11/09 9:23am]

D? said:

Wow, it's been many years since BE ended, hasn't it?

[08/01/10 9:13am]

Delft Blue said:

Yowza, that was a darned-good read. The archives are wonderful. Thanks for having created such an entertaining/engaging comic, Mr. Pope. Best wishes on your future endeavors.

[18/02/10 6:22am]

genericname1 said:

still paying for the hosting of this?

good :D

[29/03/10 11:44pm]

h0b0 said:

On the hosting comment, Pope had you thought about sticking all the comics into a massive .RAR and uploading them onto rapidshare/out into the world of torrents? Just incase you chose to stop paying for hosting and we're unable to read b_E again!

[04/04/10 8:17pm]

ยง said:

Good to see the site's still up. I recently got a friend hooked on the comic, and they're working their way through the archive now.


[22/04/10 4:28pm]

KMAC said:

What a great comic! So the date today is 5.8.2010 and I still come here every now and then to get a good laugh. What is the latest and greatest project you are working on?

[09/05/10 12:42am]

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