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Torkane said:

Greetings from 2011. Still love re-reading some of the old comics for a good laugh.

[09/02/11 5:29pm]

Harreh said:

Oi! Fix the forum yeah?


[11/03/11 6:34pm]

Rob said:

Still here 2012, Boot Error was my first webcomic. Miss it often.

[13/05/12 10:03pm]

Chris said:

5 years since the last actual comic and I still come here occasionally hoping for more :(

[13/08/12 4:16pm]

The_Pope said:

I still have a soft spot for Ed and the gang. Despite creating them, they are very much alive to me.

[24/11/12 12:30pm]

H0b0 said:

So checking in again for a 2013 read. Cheers for keeping the comic hosted Pope

[26/08/13 12:01am]

The_Pope said:

Haha, it's nice to see people still visiting. To be honest, I keep it up mainly for myself, as it's easier for me to browse the strips this way and read comments when the feeling takes me every year or so.

[14/11/13 1:56pm]

Chris said:

Another year later and I'm still checking for more....

[03/12/13 10:14am]

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