Since boot_error is made entirely on the computer, it makes it easy for me to animate the characters and scenes. So I had after 10 hours, I've managed to create a short boot_error animation. Click the picture below to start downloading it. If you have anything to say about it, post something in this thread or just say something in the comic comment system. If this gets a good response, there might be some more but don't think just because I've begun numbering this episode that there will be more!

Episode 1

Runtime: 1:45 minutes - File Format: wmv (in a zip file) - Filesize: 2.1mb



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EEZY said:

Tada, First real comment! Anyway this is a fantastic animation!

[28/10/06 12:55pm]

KBF said:

Even though I always pictured them talking differently, great work!

[14/12/06 4:33am]

Golbez said:

Make another! Make another!

[13/01/07 1:30am]

D? said:

Where is the next one?
Good one though: :)

[12/03/07 7:02am]

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