What IS boot_error?
It's an online comic strip (webcomic) that makes jokes and updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And who are you?
I'm the creator, artist and writer of this charming little webcomic, although you can call me Pope. I currently live in Oxford (the place with lots of universities), which is situated in England. That's roughly 70miles west of London, for all you Americans. I'm not entirely English though and half of my body runs riot with Russian blood. I'm a keen graphic designer, photographer, film-maker, stenciller and animator too.

What's behind the name 'boot_error'?
Nothing. It doesn't have some obscure meaning or relation to me or the comic. I thought it sounded and looked interesting, so chose to name my strip 'boot_error'.

So what's it all about, eh?
Contrary to what the title would have you believe, the comic is about the people who work at Horizon Corporations. The main character is Ed, who works in the Marketing Department with Max and Brooke. The strip follows their day to day life in the company. There are other employees too, who work across a variety of departments, including Printing, Online Productions, Security and Localisation.

It's workplace humour then?
I wouldn't really say so. The strip takes place in a business environment, but the storylines rarely revolve around their jobs.

Storyline examples?
Rampaging barbarians, hacker attacks and flying to America to name just a few...

How do you draw the strips?
All the comics are drawn using my graphics program of choice, Macromedia Fireworks MX, which I've been using for 5 years now. I find it ideal for vector work and the layer management system is easy to use.

Do you have a writing process you go through when coming up with a plot?
I always aim to have a beginning and end point, so I know how the story is going to begin and end. If I already know key points I wish to reach during the plot, then it makes it all the more easier to direct the strips in the direction I want. I don't like to plan every strip that'll appear in the future or in a storyline, though, as I can never actually do it. Instead, I let the ideas flow and I see what fits.

You wouldn't happen to feature any duck-tape in the comic, would you?
One could say there is a some...

Anyway, back to the questioning.
I should hope so!

How long does each strip take to produce?
If I already have an idea of what the strip will contain, it can take just half an hour but if I'm not quite sure what dialogue is, it can take ages. Even more so, if the art is tricky.

Are any of the characters based on people you know?
Not directly. boot_error plays more upon stereotypes and thankfully none of my friends match the ones I include in the comic but there is a little of me within every character, in one aspect or another.

What's with the eyeball?
That, my friend, is the Eyeskream logo. The Eyeskream Webcomic Creators Group is a collective of other cool webcomic creators, who I recommend you should check out.

Can I discuss boot_error somewhere else, other than the comic comments area?
But of course! If you head over to the forum, you can register an account and talk with fellow fans.

Do you exchange banners?
If you're a webcomic author and I like what I read, then of course! Just email me a message, with the link to your comic and the address to a 88*31 banner I can stick on the Links page.

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