Cast - Miscellaneous

Name: Mark
Occupation: Student
Bio: Cynical of any ideas from anyone and the unlucky flatmate and best friend of Ed. Mark's temper can be very short too.

Name: Joe
Occupation: DIY Store Manager
Bio: Not too clued up on what he's actually doing, Joe can get angry and confused at customers if he's not had his coffee.

Name: Ryan
Occupation: DIY Store Assistant
Bio: Everything is an innuendo and he has access to a plethora of adult entertainment, which he will attempt to sell at every given chance.

Name: (From left to right) Erik The Red, Yohann, Stein, Volker the Blunt, Hank, Klaus, Berdy, Aldous, Penrod, Nevin, Raynard, Hahn the Horn, Kasch and Kiefer the Sleeper
Occupation: Barbarians
Bio: The majority of this rowdy lot aren't that eloquent but for what they lack in words, they make up for in fighting, shouting and drinking. They hate the Romans and are protective of their family.
Name: ???????
Occupation: Terrorist
Bio: One half of the not-so-fearsome Terrorist Brothers force, he is dedicated to the objective at hand and always looks the part.
Name: ???????
Occupation: Terrorist
Bio: This is the other half of the Terrorist Brothers force and unlike his brother, gets a little clumsy when it comes to the task at hand. This might be down to him being the younger of the two and never being given enough independance. He's a bit crap.
Name: Baron Aaron Von Bunch
Occupation: 'Artist'
Bio: The Baron owns an art gallery full of pretentious art that's all rather expensive. Enter at your own risk.
Name: The Jester
Occupation: Hacker/Informer/Loser
Bio: A jealous wannabe who just wants to be accepted.
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